How to Stop Collection Calls?


If you’re getting calls from debt collectors, you can tell them to stop calling. Collection agencies are required to follow your instructions. If debt collectors keep calling you after you tell them to stop, we can help.

If you have questions on how to deal with debt collectors or how to respond to a debt collection call, contact us for help. We review all cases for free. And, if there is something we can do to help, we won’t charge you any money. To get a free case review, call us or fill out our free case review form.

Let us answer your questions:

Can I ask a collection agency to stop calling me?

"[I]f you tell a collection agency to stop calling it must honor your request[.]"

There are two federal laws that allow you to tell a debt collector to stop calling: the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The FDCPA allows you to revoke consent to receive any collection calls, but only if you make your request in writing. The TCPA allows you to revoke consent to receive calls to your cellphone, so long as the calls are made with an artificial voice or an autodialer. Any request under the TCPA can be made orally or in writing

Can I tell a debt collector how to call me?

The FDCPA gives you the right to tell debt collectors how they can contact you. So, you can limit collection calls to the times and places that are convenient for you. Even if you say nothing, collection agencies can’t call between 8am or 9pm and they can’t call at other times or places they know are inconvenient. If, however, you specify how a collector must call, they must honor your request.

How do I get collection calls to stop?

To get collection calls to stop, you should send a written request, by certified mail, with a return receipt, to the debt collector calling you. Keep a copy of the letter and the return receipt. This way, you have evidence you asked for calls to stop and the collection agency received your request.

There is no magic language required to get collection calls to stop. If you need example letters, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has good sample letters for consumers that want to stop debt collectors from calling.

Should ask a debt collector to stop calling me?

Consumers usually revoke consent to receive calls when they don’t owe a debt, if the debt already was paid, or if they no longer can get sued. In each case, there is no benefit to getting calls from a collection agency because the debt collector can’t take legal action.

Are collection calls made without consent unlawful?

Generally, collection calls made without consent are unlawful. 

Here are some examples of calls that may be unlawful under the FDCPA:

Calls violate the TCPA when they are made to your cellphone without your consent and are made by a prerecorded voice or an autodialer.

Calls are made without consent under the TCPA if:

If you think a debt collector or collection agency is calling without your consent or otherwise violating your rights, visit our debt harassment page to see if we can help.

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