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We defend consumers in credit card lawsuits, personal loan lawsuits, auto loan lawsuits, student loan lawsuits, and other collection lawsuits. We charge flat fees for our debt defense service and our clients don’t owe us anything unless we win. To get a free case review from our debt defense attorney, complete our contact form.

Sued for a debt? Here's how we can help.

If you’re getting sued for a debt, we may be able to help. First, we may be able to win your case outright. That means you won’t owe the debt collector anything. Second, we may be able to get you a favorable settlement. 

Whether we can help and what we can do depend on the following factors:

If you’re getting sued by a debt buyer, we likely can win your case. A debt buyer is a company that pays pennies on the dollar for old debt, then sues consumers for profit. Debt buyers include Midland Credit ManagementMidland FundingPortfolio Recovery AssociatesCACH LLCLVNV FundingUnifund CCR LLC, and Velocity Investments

We beat debt buyers because they almost always lack the documents necessary to prove their case and don’t bring witnesses to court. Without documents or witnesses, its difficult for debt buyers to win their case.

Do I need to hire an attorney if I'm getting sued for debt?

It depends. Sometimes, hiring an attorney to defend your case or obtain a settlement is not worth the money. If we think you won’t benefit from our services, we’ll let you know. That said, hiring an attorney in the right circumstances can be valuable.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring us if you get sued:

At least one study suggests that a debtor’s chance of success increases significantly when hiring an attorney. A study entitled “Junk Justice,” which analyzed thousands of collection lawsuits, found that debt buyers recovered 62% of the debt against unrepresented parties, but recovered just 21% of the debt against represented parties. “Overwhelmingly, de[btors] with an attorney succeed in having the[ir] case dismissed.”

How much does it cost to hire a debt defense attorney?

We offer money back guarantees for our debt defense service. If we don’t meet your goals, whether that is settlement or dismissal of your case, we’ll refund any attorney fee you pay. 

The only non-refundable cost we charge are any court costs, like appeal fees, that may be necessary in your case. If we think you will pay any of those costs, we will let you know at the outset of your case.

Our debt defense fee is based off a number of factors, including:

To get a free quote and case review, call or complete our contact form.

Can I ignore debt collection lawsuits?

Most people ignore debt collection lawsuits. In fact, one study found that 84% of consumers failed to respond. Other consumers will call the debt collector and settle the case by agreeing to make payments.

Although most people ignore debt lawsuits, you should not do so because it can be costly. When people ignore debt lawsuits, a default judgment is entered against them. Once a debt collector has a default judgment, it can engage in aggressive collection tactics, like garnishing bank accounts or seizing property. Judgments can last for years and allow debt collectors to try to engage in aggressive collection tactics for up to 20 years. So, while you can ignore a collection lawsuit, failing to deal with a lawsuit at the outset can be costly.

What debt collectors do you fight?

Here’s a list of some of the debt buyers, credit card companies, lenders, and law firms against which we offer debt defense services:

I. Debt Buyers:

II. Credit Card Companies and Lenders:

III. Lawyers and Law Firms:

Hire us to help!

If you’re getting sued by credit card company, debt buyer, finance company, collection agency, or some other entity in Pennsylvania, calls us for help. To get a free case review, call us or complete our contact form.

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