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We help consumers harassed by debt collectors and creditors. We usually don’t charge fees or costs to help those who experience debt harassment because most debt collection laws allow us to get our fees and costs from the debt collector or creditor that harmed you. To get a free case review from our debt harassment attorney, complete our contact form.

Is debt harassment common?

Harassment and improper conduct by debt collectors and creditors does occur. A survey released by the the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau stated that:

Are there laws that prohibit debt harassment?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that prohibits debt collection harassment. The FDCPA applies to debt collection agencies, debt buyers, and debt collection attorneys. 

A Pennsylvania law called the Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) provides protections similar to the FDCPA. The FCEUA, however, applies to lenders, banks, and original creditors, in addition to debt collectors and attorneys.

Our debt harassment attorney is familiar with Pennsylvania and federal debt collection laws. Our attorney also is familiar with the federal courts, which is the court system where most debt collection lawsuits are litigated. To see if your rights were violated under the FDCPA, FCEUA, or another law, complete our contact form.

When does debt collection become unlawful?

Here is a breakdown of the four major categories of unlawful collection practices, along with specific examples:

Debt collection harassment is unlawful:

Fraudulent or deceptive debt collection practices are unlawful:

Unfair and unconscionable debt collection practices are unlawful:

Miscellaneous unlawful debt collection actions:

If you need help, complete our contact form.

Can I get compensation for debt harassment?

The FDCPA and the FCEUA, and other laws allow for multiple types of damages to provide compensation for debt collection harassment. Here are some categories of damages that are available:

How much does it cost to hire a debt harassment attorney?

Hiring a debt harassment attorney usually is free. Attorneys can provide free legal representation because debt collection laws requires collection agencies to pay attorneys fees and costs. Most debt collection attorneys also offer free consultations, and some offer free help with regard to stopping debt collection harassment before filing a lawsuit. Our debt collection attorney does both.

If a debt collection attorney can’t get the legal violator to pay attorneys fees and costs, the attorney often will offer a contingent fee agreement. That means you don’t to pay unless you get money.

What debt collection agencies operate in Pennsylvania?

There are many debt collection agencies active in Pennsylvania. Here is a list we’ve compiled of some of the debt collection agencies that we believe have done business in Pennsylvania over the years:

  • Aargon Agency, Inc.
  • AAS Debt Recovery
  • Ability Recovery Services, LLC
  • Account Control Technology, Inc.
  • Admin Recovery, LLC
  • AFNI Inc.
  • Alliance One Receivables Management
  • Allied Interstate LLC
  • Alorica Inc (Expert Global Solutions)
  • Alpha Recovery Corp.
  • American Coradius International LLC
  • AmeriCollect
  • Apex Asset Management, LLC
  • AR Resources, Inc.
  • ARS National Services, Inc.
  • Ascension Point Recovery Services, LLC
  • Aspen National Financial, Inc.
  • Associated Credit Services, Inc.
  • Assured Financial Partners
  • Asta Funding Inc.
  • Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc.
  • Atlantic Recovery Solutions LLC
  • BAM Financial, LLC
  • BYL Collection Services
  • Caine & Weiner Company, Inc.
  • Capio Partners, LLC
  • Capital Accounts, LLC
  • Capital Management Services, LP
  • Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC
  • CCS Financial Services, Inc.
  • Client Services, Inc.
  • CMRE Financial Services, Inc.
  • Coastline Financial Resources, LLC
  • Collection Management Company
  • Collection Service Center
  • Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.
  • Commercial Acceptance Company
  • Community Health Investment Company
  • Computer Credit, Inc.
  • Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
  • Continental Finance Company, LLC
  • Contract Callers, Inc.
  • Convergent Resources, Inc.
  • Credence Resource Management
  • Credit Acceptance Corp.
  • Credit Bureau Collection Services, Inc.
  • Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc.
  • Credit Bureau of Napa County, Inc.
  • Credit Bureau of York, Inc.
  • Credit Collections USA, LLC
  • Credit Corp. Solutions Inc.
  • Credit Protection Association, LP
  • Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC
  • Direct Recovery Services, LLC
  • Diverse Funding Associates LLC
  • Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc.
  • Diversified Consultants, Inc.
  • DRS Financial LLC
  • Dynamic Recovery Solutions
  • Eastern Account System of Connecticut, Inc.
  • Eastern Revenue, Inc.
  • ECMC Group, Inc.
  • Emerald Canyon Capital, LLC
  • Enhanced Acquisitions, LLC
  • Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC (ERC)
  • EOS CCS (EOS Holdings, Inc.)
  • Escallate, LLC
  • Exeter Finance Corp.
  • Fair Collection & Outsourcing, Inc.
  • Financial Business and Consumer Solutions
  • Financial Credit Service, Inc.
  • First Advantage LNS Inc.
  • First Credit Services Inc.
  • First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
  • Firstsource Business Process Services, LLC
  • GC Services LP
  • Global Credit & Collection Corporation
  • Grimley Financial Corporation
  • Halsted Financial Services, LLC
  • Hunter Warfield, Inc.
  • IC Systems, Inc.
  • Interstate Credit & Collections, Inc.
  • Jefferson Capital Systems LLC
  • Jim Bottin Enterprises, Inc.
  • Kadent Corporation
  • Leading Edge Recovery Solutions, LLC
  • McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff, Inc.
  • Medical Data Systems, Inc.
  • Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC
  • Meridian Financial Services, Inc.
  • Midland Credit Management Inc.
  • Midwest Recovery Systems
  • Monterey Financial Services LLC
  • National Bond and Collection Associates, Inc.
  • National Credit Adjusters, LLC
  • National Credit Systems, Inc.
  • National Enterprise Systems, Inc.
  • Nations Recovery Center
  • Nationwide Financial Group
  • NCB Management Services Inc.
  • North Shore Agency, LLC
  • Northstar Location Services, LLC
  • NRA Group, LLC
  • Peerless Credit Services Inc.
  • Penn Credit Corporation
  • Performant Financial Corporation
  • Phoenix Financial Services LLC
  • Pinnacle Asset Management, LLC
  • Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC
  • Platinum Holdings Group, LLC
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
  • Premier Recovery Group
  • Professional Medical Management, Inc.
  • Quality Asset Recovery
  • Radius Global Solutions, LLC (Northland Group)
  • Receivables Management Partners, LLC
  • Receivables Performance Management, LLC
  • Receivable Recovery Services, LLC
  • Resurgent Capital Services LP
  • Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.
  • Riverwalk Financial Corporation
  • Second Round LP
  • Source Receivables Management LLC
  • Southwest Credit Systems, LP
  • SquareTwo Financial Corporation
  • State Collection Service, Inc.
  • Sterling Credit Corp.
  • Sunrise Credit Services, Inc.
  • TekCollect Inc.
  • The Bureaus, Inc.
  • The CMI Group, Inc.
  • The Receivables Management Services Corporation
  • Torres Credit Services, Inc.
  • Transworld Systems, Inc.
  • TrueAccord Corp.
  • Trident Asset Management, LLC
  • Turning Point Solutions LLC
  • Unique Management Services, Inc.
  • United Collection Bureau, Inc.
  • URS Holding, LLC
  • Van Ru Credit Corporation
  • Velocity Portfolio Group
  • Viking Client Services
  • Waypoint Resource Group, LLC
  • Webcollex, LLC
  • Windham Professionals, Inc.
  • Zenco Collection, LLC

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If you’re getting harassed by creditors or debt collectors, please contact us for help. To get a free case review from our debt harassment attorney, complete our contact form.

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