Credit Card Lawsuits


Credit card lawsuits are common in Pennsylvania. These lawsuits are filed by credit card companies, like Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Citibank, and Discover Bank, and by debt buyers, like Midland Credit ManagementMidland FundingLVNV FundingPortfolio Recovery Associates, and Unifund CCR.

If you’re getting sued by a credit card company or a debt buyer in a credit card lawsuit, call us for help. We charge flat fees and refund our fee if we don’t meet your goals. To get a free case review, call us or fill out our free case review form.

Let us answer your debt defense questions:

Why am I getting sued for credit card debt?

"A 'charge off' does not mean credit card debt is not owed. It's simply an accounting procedure credit card companies use to write debt off their books."

When consumers stop paying credit card debt, credit card companies “charge-off” the account. A “charge-off” does not mean credit card debt is not owed. It’s simply an accounting procedure credit card companies use to write debt off their books.

When credit card companies “charge-off” debt, they do one of two things. First, they may try to collect the debt on their own or through a third-party. Second, they may sell the credit card debt for pennies on the dollar to a “debt buyer.” After debt buyers purchase discounted debt, they pursue collection in their own name.

Credit card lawsuits are a collection tactic some credit card companies and debt buyers use to get consumers to pay credit card debt voluntarily. Most times, credit card lawsuits are used as a scare tactic to push consumers to settle or agree to repayment plans.

How common are credit card lawsuits?

Credit card lawsuits are very common in Pennsylvania. There are likely hundreds of thousands of credit card lawsuits filed each year in the Commonwealth.

It is not entirely clear why credit card lawsuits are so common, but the cost of credit cards may have something to do with it. Credit cards are an expensive form of credit. Credit card interest routinely hovers above 20%-30% and a host of fees are regularly applied to cardholders. Interest and fees can snowball quickly, making a once affordable credit plan unaffordable. 

Can I win credit card lawsuits?

Credit card lawsuits are winnable. And, if they are not, settlement often is a possibility. The chance of success in defending credit card lawsuits is highly case specific. Relevant factors regarding your chance of success include:

  • The county in which your case is pending.
  • Whether your case is pending in a magistrate court or court of common pleas.
  • The age of the account and the amount at issue.
  • The credit card company that issued the account.
  • The credit card company, debt collector, or debt buyer that is suing you.
  • The lawyer or law firm that filed the lawsuit.

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What happens if I lose a credit card lawsuit?

If you lose a credit card lawsuit, or if you ignore it, a “judgment” will be entered against you. A “judgment” is a legal decree that you owe the credit card company or the debt collector what they claim you owe. 

“Judgments” allow credit card companies and debt collectors to engage in certain types of collection activity, including:

  • Garnishing (seizing) bank accounts.
  • Putting liens on property.
  • Selling personal property.

Bank account garnishments are the most used “post-judgment” collection tool. Some debt collectors, however, will simply use judgments to scare consumers into making payments.

What types of credit card debt can turn into a lawsuit?

Most types of credit card debt can turn into a lawsuit. We have seen lawsuits filed by credit card companies and debt buyers on the following types of credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays Bank
  • Capital One Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • Citibank
  • Comenity Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • First National Bank of Omaha
  • Synchrony Bank
  • U.S. National Bank
  • Webbank

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If you’re getting sued in a credit card lawsuit, contact us for help. To get a free case review from our debt defense attorney, please complete our our free case review form.

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